David was born in Rotterdam in1998. From the moment he was able to hold a pencil, he started making drawings. David is diagnosed with Asperger syndome, a form of autism, which causes him to conceive the world in his own unique way. This is reflected in his work. David has a firm approach in drawing as if the picture is already finished in his head before the pencil touches the paper. David has an amazing sense for detail. In 2005 David won the first prize in a drawing competition organized by the “Russian school of Arts”. In 2007 he won the prestigious “Caldenborgh Jong Talentprijs” in the category “Comics”. David received an artwork from the artist Paul Kerrebijn in october 2009 for winning another drawing competition organized by the Royal Navy Marines museum. In New York the book “Drawing autism”, has been published in the autumn of 2009 which features a drawing of David called "Birds" containing 397 different species. In 2004 David held his first exhibition and in 2007 his work was on display at the "Art Group Hillegersberg". In 2008 a picturebook, Poeperlak en Plassebed, was published by David and his mother with a prominent role for Davids drawings. In “Wat is er toch met Kobus?” (What's up with Curtis) published in 2010 David tells us in a comicbook with a touch of humour how living with autism feels from the inside. The book also features relevant information and useful everyday tips of how to deal with autism. David is working closely together with his mother, Inge Barth-Wagemaker, who writes the words. She is a graduated pedagogue and currently working in a project for adults with autism. In april 2010 David en Inge appeared in the late night show "Pauw en Witteman" . In 2011 there have been exhibitions of his work in Leusden and Barendrecht and at the "Opperclaes" art gallery in downtown Rotterdam. David has made several works for followers on request. Davids work has gained attention from abroad and David has been invited to exhibit his work in Beijing, China. His work has been exhibited at the C-NA Gallery at the 798 art district in Beijing as well as at the " Inside - Out Art Museum" in Beijing. The museum obtained a drawing from David to add to their collection. All other works exhibited in Beijing have been sold. In 2012 and 2013 David has been working on new material on request by followers and for future exhibitions. In 2014 " Drawing Autism" has been re-released in New York featuring 4 drawings by David. Work is still in progress but every now and then a sneak preview will appear on this blogsite. David can be contacted for drawings on request via his mother at ingewagemaker@hotmail.com

Early 2012. One drawing called ‘Madagascar’ made for a follower. Another drawing called ‘changing scenery’ made during art lessons at school.

— 2 years ago